The B. Ed. (English) degree course develops one's skills and widens one's understanding which helps to impart quality education to the students. This course provides the candidates to systematise experiences and strengthen the professional competency of in-service teachers.


Teaching is one of the respected professions in the world as they play a vital role in a student's life. Teachers are in demand in both private and government sectors. After earning B. Ed degree, you will be eligible to get job in secondary and higher secondary schools Mathematics

Biological Science

(Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology)
B.Ed. in Biological Sciences: Career Prospects. Apart from teaching, the other career options that such graduates can explore include: Administrator, Assistant Dean, Content Writer.


B. Ed. in Economics: Career Prospects. Across the government sector, such professionals may find gainful employment across banks, PSUs, and other public-sector avenues.

Computer Science

( B.Sc.CS, B.Sc.IT, BCA )
B. Ed in Computer Science postgraduates can find abundant career options after completing their degree. They can go on to become computer teachers and many reputed schools of the country. They can also apply to Indian schools established in foreign countries as computer teacher.


A student can find numerous job opportunities both in India and abroad. Teaching line has scarcity of well qualified and skilled teachers which can be fulfilled by B. Ed. in Tamil post graduates.


B.Ed. in Commerce is pursued by commerce graduates who wish to apply as commerce teachers in various schools of India. The career opportunities for B. Ed. in Commerce postgraduates are many as commerce is an important subject.

Physical Science

(Physics, chemistry, Biochemistry)
B. Ed. Physical Science: Career Prospects. Such professionals, upon successful completion of the course, may gainfully pursue basic research and teaching courses at research universities, or choose to instruct at universities or community colleges.


After pursuing B. Ed you will get offered a teaching job as a permanent, temporary, part-time or full-time as per your interest. With B. Ed degree you can work in Schools, Education Department, Coaching Centers, Education consultancies.

The B.Ed. programme shall be for duration of two academic years consisting of 200 working days (36 hours in a week- 5 or 6 days in a week) each year, excluding the period of examination and admission.